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In recent years the consumer market has moved towards requiring an enhanced level of responsibility from brands and retailers for their products. Purchasing decisions are based on factors such as quality, and increasingly on social, ethical, safety and environmental grounds.

The Sure family of certification trademarks has beendeveloped to satisfy this growing appetite for credible product assurance and has been derived using years of expertise and experience in leather. Each individual mark denotes a different level of assurance, which allows them to be used as standalone certification marks or in combination as a suite to demonstrate a holistic view of responsibility and compliance.

Why us

Surja International is a strong work force with potential abilities. We believe in honesty and total customer satisfaction by : "Ensuring our Clients get the best quality product comparatively for the safest and easiest way".


Our Policy

Our policy is to continuously improve product and service quality, stand behind agreed terms and meet delivery deadlines with the best prices for our client for strong future business venture.


Our main strength lies in our team-mates. We build confidence in people through care, in recognition of their efforts that proper individual growth and complement company's growth.


Operations carried out in the beam house, tan yard, and post-tanning areas are often referred to as wet processes, as they are performed in processing vessels such as drums.


We enrich people with the freedom to explore and develop their talents and empower them to achieve desired objectives that blend with the group's progress.



In order to prevent becterial activity, the moisture content should be brought down to less than 30%




Hides and skins are sorted into several grades by size. weight or qualty.




Trimming is generally carried out during the sorting process. Some of edges (legs, tails and heads, etc)


Corporate Profile

SURJA INTERNATIONAL - the company was formed by professionally qualified individuals with their previous experience in leather and leather manufacturing sectors, which emerged was a professionally managed organization focused in the manufacture of superior-quality industrial safety driver gloves, working gloves, welders gloves and other protective equipment made of leather aimed totally towards export.

Post tanning

Sammying: It is a mechanized process to remove excess moisture in the wet blue.

Splitting : After sammying, the material is split into required thickness using splitting machine.

Sammying, Splitting